Monday, June 10, 2013

Miracles and Menudo

So this week we saw the most amazing miracle.  We showed up to church early yesterday to find one of our members practically running to us telling us there is someone here we had to meet.  A man had come who had received a Book of Mormon many years ago from some Sister missionaries.  He had just read some of the book and showed up to church wanting to know more!  He had even done extra research online to try and find out more.  It’s really true that the Book of Mormon is what does all the work and converts people.   Then we also had one of our investigators show up to church which is the first time we have had an investigator at church in about 2 months and he came with his less active family!

Also this week I got to try Menudo for the first time.  It’s a popular Sonoran dish that they usually make for Christmas.   So what Menudo is is a soup made with the stomach lining of a cow.  It doesn't really have a flavor but its hard to get past the thought of what you are eating.   Basically it’s chunks of tough fatty meat that you have to chew through.    Some people like it, but for me ehh it’s not something I would request to eat again but I know I will have to.

Also this week I got to go to the Chiropractor again for my rib which is doing a ton better!   I’m honestly super happy I'm serving in the states where I know I can go to a chiropractor if I need it.

Much Love to all
Hermana Grove

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