Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fourth of July!

So this week was Fourth of July which was so fun!

We went out that day with the intent of making memories and getting eggees.  (it's like a snow cone,  and this is very important)    So we started with a visit to a member and received a watermelon.  Then went about trying to find people and seeing people like we normally do.   We kept not having the time to stop at eggees though.  Then we had dinner....  At dinner we got fed the equivalent of 2 dinners!  First, a classic plate of beans rice and pollo then after we finished that we were given Sonoran Hot dogs!    We thought we were gonna explode.  So eggees was out of the question then.  Then we booked it down to another appointment where he fed us some cookies.   But then we had to be in early so we went back towards home and on our way went to get eggees - yep even though we were full we were very determined.   But then eggees was closed!   They closed early for 4th of July :(    So heart broken we chose to settle for ice cream at Circle K.   While paying, the cashier saw my tag and asked if I spoke spanish so we started talking to him in spanish and he wondered why two super white girls were speaking spanish.   So we left him with a card and our phone number.   We went home convinced he will be our next person to be baptized.   So we enjoyed our ice cream and watched fireworks from our our little window while standing on my companion's bed so we could see over the little wall outside.  Now fast forward to the next night.  We are walking to our apartment and a car pulls up and the man was a member of the YSA ward so we talked and left him with the challenge to give away a card.  We shared our experience of the previous day and he goes,  “That’s my friend!  I’m about to go see him!”   So he had us write our number on the card and this Circle K cashier was given the same card and number two days in a row!   There is no way that was a coincidence!

So other news is that my Spanish is improving so much.  I even am part of conversations at dinner now and can know most of what is going on at church!   It really is crazy that just four months ago I knew barely anything and now I have conversations in the car and at dinner and everywhere in Spanish just like it’s a very normal thing.

So it was a good week!

I hope that everyone has a good week thank you for reading about my fun adventures here!

Hermana Grove

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