Monday, July 15, 2013


So this week has been an amazing one of miracles!

I dont even know where to start.   So this Wednesday we found out that one of our investigators was living with her boyfriend and so we left her with the challenge to pray about what to do.  Well come Saturday we show up to see 3 cop cars outside their house and the family all outside watching (not what you ever want to see pulling up)    It turned out that her boyfriend had been drinking the night before so they went and spent the night somewhere else then he was drinking again Saturday and got in a fight with her daughter.  So her daughter called the cops and he got taken away.   So we got to help her see that that was her answer to her prayer and that he was a very bad influence.  Then she went to church this week too!
Then on Thursday we had a relife society activity making bread and had 27 women there!   which is a huge turn out.  everyone had so much fun and the bread turned out so good.   Then we followed that up on Friday with a talent show and had at least 70 people there!   and everyone had a ton of fun!  I got to participate and us as missionaries put on a skit of what would happen with Abraham and Issac in our day - it was SO funny!

So now on Saturday we chose to go to Yard Sales to find people.   So we went around and struck so lucky!   we first contacted a guy who has been looking for a church to go too.  Then I got to contact a deaf family.  My year of ASL paid off finally!  haha I was so happy and we really saw that we were ment to be there cuz the next closest missionary who knows ASL  are the ASL elders about 20 miles away.   then We met a woman who is firned with a member in our branch and we chated with her and are going back soon.  But with all that since we chatted with the last woman so long she just gave me a pair of shoes that I wanted.

And to top it all off We had 4 investigators at church!   one came with his less active family.  and then we also had another less active member come to church too!

So something interesting we did this week was we were extra bold but loving.   like the less active family to the investigator we sat down and were really bold and told her that she needs to turn her life back around and read Helaman 7 which is a very blunt chapter of scripture.   It is crazy to use the power and authority that we have been given but I know that if its with Love and the Spirit it works and its the Lord's Hand guiding us!

So basically this week rocked and our branch prasident was so happy we did a happy dance together yesterday :)

Love Hermana Grove

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