Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It’s raining miracles!

So just wow!  This week has been amazing!!!!!

First miracles:
The first was Tuesday Night.  We had just been leaving from english class that no one came to when a member from the english ward grabbed us and was like, hermanas there is a guy here who wants to know more about the church and he isn't a member, he just walked in.  So we went running to find him!  We did and taught him an AMAZING restoration lesson in the chapel and the spirit was amazingly strong.  But he was YSA (Young Single Adult)  so we passed him to the YSA sisters and apparently he is amazing for them too and they have gotten to teach him. 

Then number 2:  Was Wednesday night.  OK, this one has 2 parts. 
So last week we picked up this new investigator and we weren't exactly sure how solid he was just cuz he didn’t really set firm appointments so, we finally set a firm appointment with him for at the church building.  We honestly weren't 100% sure he would show up,  but low and behold when we pulled into the parking lot there he was!  And so we taught an amazing lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and gave him a church tour.  So fast forward to the next day we go to see him and knock 3 times, we can hear him inside and see his car there so we just sat down in chairs right in front of his door and waited like a minute.  He finally came out and was like hold on hold on I just got out of the shower - so he hurried out to see us.   Then on Sunday he came to church!  And when we saw him pull into the parking lot we were just so amazed - of course he was running a tiny bit late and so he came running across the parking lot to see us and come to church!
Part 2 to Wednesday was we had just finished our lesson with the investigator above and were gonna go play football with the branch.  So we go get our clothes and when we come back in there was a young man looking for the addiction recovery class, but the class wasn't there so we just sat down and taught him about the Atonement and a little about our church.   He said that he didn't believe in coincidences and that he must be in the church with us for a reason,  my companion and I just looked at each other and were like...  ya we think so too.   But again like the night before he was YSA so we passed him but the elders haven’t heard from him yet :(

Ok so now for the rain part.  On Saturday we got to go on exchanges and so I was in a different area.  And we were going to find some potentials, but a monsoon hit and so we decided that the Lord's work doesn’t stop for a little rain. (ok for a lot of rain)   So we ran around this apartment complex looking for the right address and in the process got totally soaked!   I would have a picture but forgot my cable today (oops) but my shoes are still wet from that day!

Then Church:   We had a family there who I have been working with since day 1 out here and they finally came to church for the first time in 5 years!   Again picture would be inserted here.   But I was just so thrilled to see them there and they were so cute and happy.  Then we had another investigator there from a less active family too who is almost not less active anymore.  And then another less active!   I was just so amazed at how much this area is growing.

And now for my bit of spiritualness, is that I have been obsessed with the scripture in Matthew that "with the Lord all things are possible"  It really is so true!  Just like how the perfect love of God can cast out all fear I know that with the Lord's hand and his help anything is possible!

That's all for now
Love Hermana Grove

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